Greetings Wordament players,

Following the most recent update, we’ve received a lot of feedback regarding a few of the new features. While we continue to evaluate what, if any changes are to be made, we wanted to shed some light on some temporary solutions. Again, we are working towards more permanent solutions, the information below is just temporary/educational.

Menu navigation

There are two menu screens that you can access, but may not be entirely obvious. The first is on the main title screen after the game loads. Once you’ve opened that menu select “Options” and you will be able to start changing your in-game settings.

The other way to access your settings is via the inside game settings icon that will open the same menu as above.

Changing your Theme

To change your theme you will need to first open your menu from the “home menu screen”  from there select “themes” once that menu is open you will have the choice to change your theme setting from one of SIX themes.

Ambient noise/Sound effects/Scoring animations

To toggle these on or off open the settings menu either on the home screen, or via the in-game menu. From there you will find a slider that will allow you toggle these features on, or off.

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