There’s a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection and this one is hard to miss! This week we released Microsoft Jigsaw: Colors! The collection includes 20 eye-popping images for 6,800 Gold.

You can complete gorgeous images like this beautiful field of flowers. These tulips are so lovely!

Colorful flowers

There are a few vibrant animals in this collection as well, such as this beautiful tree frog.

Agalychnis callidryas.

With 20 amazingly colorful images to choose from and enjoy, you will be sure to have a bright moment in your day. Check out this rainbow close-up of this yummy lollipop!

Multicoloured lollipop

Or this kaleidoscopic assortment of candy!

Assorted colors of candy

You can get all these vivid images and more for 6,800 Gold!

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

With the release of this colorful, fun collection I just have to ask: What’s your favorite color? Comment below!

Happy gaming!


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