There’s a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection and it is sure to give you a visual challenge! This week we released Microsoft Jigsaw: Design! The collection includes 15 geometrical marvels of the architectural world for only 5,100 Gold.

You can complete images of glass and light like this beautiful angled shot of an elevator in Frankfurt, Germany.


Or this fractal-like marvel of a spiral staircase in Czechoslovakia.

Office building

You can experience wondrous feats of architectural design from around the world without ever leaving your living room.  Such as this beautiful glass work in the Sydney Opera House.


With 15 amazing images of engineering to choose from and enjoy, you’ll have a new appreciation for design and infrastructure. Just absorb the thought, artistic eye, and the large amount of math that went into this structure of the Public Library in Vancouver.

Public Library

You can get all these architectural design images for 5,100 Gold!

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

With the release of this mathematical, artitechural collection I just have to ask: What’s your favorite color? Comment below!

Happy gaming!


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