Take a journey outdoors!

There’s a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection and it’s sure to be a point of interest!

The new Rock Formations collection is here with all its stunning beauty! This scenic assortment includes 20 images of rocky, picturesque places. From incredible stone arches to balancing boulders, this collection will have you awestruck with nature’s unique works of art.

I’m not sure what is more beautiful. The amazing rock formations, or the sea in Portugal.

Wonderful sea in Portugal

There is a part of me that thinks this would make a great spot for a rope swing. Well..then again maybe not.

Delicate Arch of Arches National Park, Utah

For 6800 Gold, you receive 20 images of these scenic Rock Formations and their natural environments.

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What is your favorite camping spot? What’s your favorite activity? Let us know!

Happy gaming!

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