An Underwater Adventure Awaits You in the latest Microsoft Jigsaw Collection!

The new Reef Life collection unveils a secret world of incredible reefs and the exciting life that surrounds them. Take a fantastically fun dip while staying dry!

This treasure trove of 20 puzzles showcases some of the most beautiful views nature has to offer! From colorful coral to fabulous fish, this collection will allow you to swim along with the different forms of sea life that call these reefs home.

Take a look at the breathtaking beauty of natures Reef Life spanning from the Andaman Sea, in Thailand to Egypt and the Red Sea.

Greenthroat or Singapore parrotfish (Scarus prasiognathus), swimming over coral reef. Andaman Sea, Thailand.

A pair of Red Sea Eritrean butterflyfish [Chaetodon paucifasciatus] and Blue-green chromis [Chromis viridis] swimming past soft corals [Dendronephthya sp]. Egypt, Red Sea.

From Classic Jigsaw, just click on “See all collections” and select Reef Life to download this refreshing collection today!

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