My Dearest Microsoft Jigsaw Player-

Our hearts burst with love and excitement as we write to you today. There is a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection available and we think you will fall head-over-heals in love with it!

This week, upon Cupid’s arrow, we let fly the Heart Shapes collection. This most-adoring assortment includes 15 delightful images to capture your heart, all for 5,100 Gold.

Explore these fun-loving and affectionate patterns of love and devotion. Such at this colorful and tasty image of apples arranged into a heart shape!

Or this whimsical image of shoe laces and love.

Or maybe a yummy latte is more your speed! Assemble this foamy image to complete this cute, sweetheart cappuccino.

With 15 delightful and fun heart-shaped images to choose from, we hope you feel as if we’ve filled your mailbox for Valentine’s Day!

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

All our best,

Microsoft Casual Games Team

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