Get ready. It is time for cuteness overload. There is a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection available and it is all about adorable and sweet animals! Awwwww!

This week we unleashed the Cute Animals collection. And we may never recover from the cuteness! This hug-inducing assortment includes 25 of the tiniest, sweetest animal images you will ever find, for 8500 Gold.

What do we mean by cute? Check out this image offering of this precious baby fawn. Those fluffy ears, big doe eyes and sweet button nose will have you cooing as you complete this cuddly puzzle!

Or this trio of darling goat kiddies! Two fuzzy-wuzzy white and one chocolate baby goat as they enjoy the sun on the soft spring grass. Completely heartwarming.

Of course the Cute Animals collection could not be complete without a fluffy bunny image! This little guy looks ready to be snuggled. We hope completing the puzzle of this adorable image is just as satisfying!

These are just a few of the precious photos you will find in this hug-inducing assortment. This collection includes 25 of the tiniest, sweetest animal images you will ever find. From adorable bunnies to fluffy lambs and fawns, this saccharine collection has it all.

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

What do you think is the cutest animal of all? Do you think kittens, puppies, or lambs are cute, or something different? Let us know in the comments!

Happy gaming!

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