Travel to the great outdoors! There is a new Microsoft Jigsaw collection in and it’s just the getaway you need! 

The new Camping collection is here and it’s an open-air adventure! This recreational assortment includes 20 images of tranquil and scenic destinations. From inviting campfires to woodland wonderlands, this collection will have you taking a leisurely trip into the wilderness.

Camping never looked so bright and vibrant. I can only image what the view looks like while camping on the Wiwanni mountains in Switzerland.

Orange-colored mountain tent below the summit of Wiwanni Mountain in the Pennine Alps, Valais, Switzerland, Europe

Who doesn’t love spending a night by a campfire watching the night grow darker. Oregon is know for its many beautiful campsites, and Ochoco mountains is a prime example of this beauty.

USA, Oregon, Ochoco Mountains, Tent and campfire at dusk

Next up a trip to Austria. This has officially been added to my bucket list of camping destinations.

Tent, sunrise above the Inn Valley, Axamer Lizum, Tyrol, Austria, Europe

For 6800 Gold, you receive 20 images of these scenic camp sites and their natural environments.

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

What is your favorite camping spot? What’s your favorite activity? Let us know!

Happy gaming!


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