Get ready for another Jigsaw collection to really kick off Summer! This week we released a new Collection for Microsoft Jigsaw: Beaches! This collection includes 10 sandy shore images for 3,400 Gold.

You can complete puzzles like this one of the jewel-toned waters of your own tropical paradise! Such a vibrant view of the water will make you want to spend the day under its palm tree.


Or this lovely and intriguing image of a message in a bottle as it washes ashore. Is it a love letter from a mermaid?

Message in bottle

With 10 images of relaxing and warm beaches to complete, you may feel like your summer vacation is well underway. Like this image of the beautiful Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco, CA.

Beach and Golden Gate Bridge, San Francisco, California, USA

You can get all of these images and more for 3,400 Gold!

Would you like to try Microsoft Jigsaw? Download the game for free from the Windows Store.

Have you enjoy going to the beach? Do you have a favorite beach memory? What beach would you visit if given the choice? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

Happy gaming!

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