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You may have heard us talk about ourselves as ‘The Microsoft Casual Games’ team. You probably know us from one of the games you play (and maybe one you play every day). But, in fact, we’re more than just one game.

Microsoft Casual Games is actually a collection of 9 games, and we’re proud of all of them:

Each of our games are awesome on their own, each game is best in its class and genre. And we’re convinced if you love one, you’ll love playing some of the others. Click on the games above to install them on any Windows 8 or Windows 10 device

We’re a broad team and cover a lot of product areas. You have seen some of our team in places like our ‘choose our next game’ video (and if not, check it out now, and Vote!). Here’s a few people you might recognize from the video:

paul1Paul Jensen– Studio Manager
Paul’s the guy in charge, he sets the direction and plans for everyone.

ChristinaKristina Horner– Community Team
Kristina’s on the front lines of communicating with you, our community.

KevinKevin Lambert– Design Director
Kevin handles the design for everything. So the vision, the game features, any anything you see, hear or interact with, that’s his work. He’s a little bit less tense than “Chess Guy”. A little. Find out more about Kevin and what drives him, on his ‘meet me’ blog.

derekDerek Dutilly– Lead Producer
(That’s me!) I handle the schedule, figure out what we can do, who’s going to do it, and when it gets done. My hair’s not that grey, and you can learn more about me over on our “meet me” blog.

jasonJason Wohlfeil– Lead Tester
Jason handles managing the people testing our game. If you find a bug, he’s the one who hears about it, and helps us figure out what’s gone wrong, so we can get it fixed.

helenHelen Zbihlyj– Community Team
Helen used to handle all of our community needs, but now she’s over in Minecraft. And yup, she’s as zany as this video shows.


We look forward to telling you more about ourselves, if you’re interested in learning more, please sign-up to be a Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle Member, where you’ll see behind the scenes and help us make decisions regarding all of these games, and more!

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