We’re looking for a group of amazing people to get more involved by helping us make the best decisions while we’re creating the next Microsoft Casual Game, and to help shape upcoming features for games like Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Microsoft Mahjong, Microsoft Jigsaw, and others!

As a Microsoft Casual Games Inner Circle Member, you will:

  • Get Early Access to new features
  • Help choose the next features we work on
  • Get behind the scenes information
  • Be part of the design process and help direct the future of the games you play and love

Does this sound like you? You don’t need to own an Xbox game console but you do need a Microsoft Account and an Xbox username in order to be able to participate on this site. Log in with your Microsoft account connected to your Xbox username and apply to join the Microsoft Casual Games inner circle!

Ready to join? Fill in the information fields on the right hand side of this page and click “Subscribe”!