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We hope you all enjoyed the video introducing our Help us Vote Project, where we ask you, our users to help us select our next game. If you haven’t seen it, please check it out!

Here on the Microsoft Casual Games team, fun videos like these have always been important to us, but usually we keep them to ourselves or internal purposes around Microsoft. The video really conveys some of the fun we have on this team, and the quirky nature of everyone here. We take a collaborative effort at conception, writing, and performing in the videos, so hopefully you’ll get a chance to see everyone at some point.

This is the first time we’ve released one to the public, so we’re looking for some feedback.lgi01a201309090900

  • How’d you like the video?
  • What was your favorite scene? (Each performer is really interested in this!)
  • What other kind of videos do you want to see?

We’re all looking forward to your responses, and putting together some great new videos to entertain and educate!

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