How to send us your ‘LocalState’ file

Occasionally, when the game team is trying to investigate an issue that has occurred, it can be super helpful for you to send us your LocalState file. This file gives the team important information regarding the game problem at hand! Follow these steps below:

In order to find the LocalState folder, we’ll need to go to the following location on your device:

C:\Users\<This will be your User Name for your Device>\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.MicrosoftJigsaw_8wekyb3d8bbwe

Don’t know how to do that? No worry! Detailed Steps for how to find it is below if needed:

1. Open up a “File Explorer” window.

2. In the left hand section of the “File Explorer” window, click on “This PC”

3. Next, click on OSDisk (C:) (also known as the C Drive)

4. Next click on Users


5. Next, click on your user account (in the below screenshot, my user account is v-miles, as an example)

6.  Next, click on the tab labeled “View” and ensure the box labeled “Hidden Items” has a check mark in it.


7.  Next, click on the folder labeled AppData


8. Next, click on the folder labeled Local, then the folder labeled Packages


9. The following example is if you are looking for the LocalState file for Jigsaw. For Jigsaw, click on the folder labeled Microsoft.MicrosoftJigsaw_8wekyb3d8bbwe, then you should see a folder called LocalState

Other Casual Games will be similar but instead of “Jigsaw” in the name, it will be the game you are playing (e.g. Solitaire, Mahjong, etc.) with the exception of our Ultimate Word Games which will be listed as Wordament.


10. Right click the folder called LocalState and in the new window, select Send to then select Compressed (zipped) folder


11. This will create a zip file labeled


12.  Attach this file to your communication with us (email, Facebook messaging, etc.) and your done. If you are having problems locating the file to attach it to your email, you can always right click the file and select Cut then right click on your desktop background, right click and select Paste. In your email, when you click Add Attachment, you will probably see some button for “Desktop” which if you click will then allow you to choose from items located on your desktop.


We sincerely hope these instructions help and we are very grateful for your assistance!

–The Microsoft Casual Games Team


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