Problems signing into Wordament & Snap Attack using Facebook on iOS and Android

If you previously used Facebook to sign into Wordament or Snap Attack on your iOS or Android device, please note that Facebook’s sign-in service has changed and is no longer available in these games. You will need to change the way you sign in to continue playing.

Due to this change, any stats that you earned while signed in with your Facebook account cannot be transferred.

There are a couple of options to continue playing:

  1. Sign in with an Xbox gamertag/Microsoft account : this will allow you to sync progress with Wordament on your other Xbox-enabled devices, as well as earn achievements and add to your gamerscore.
  2. Try it as a guest: this will not earn achievements, add to your gamerscore, or show your rank in the leaderboards after each game.

To change the way you sign in, click on the “Tap to sign in” icon at the top-right of the screen, then select either the Xbox or “Try it as a guest”:

If you don’t see the option to change the way you sign in, uninstall and reinstall Wordament or Snap Attack on your device, then select the “Tap to sign in” button.

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