What can you tell me about Solitaire Events?


Events are meant to be special – therefore we didn’t intend for there to be an event every day of the week.

It’s okay to miss an Event! There is no penalty whatsoever for missing an event. If you don’t have time, or if you don’t like the types of challenges in a particular event, you can skip it and catch the next one.

You can play event challenges in ANY order you want! There are buttons on the side of the event tapestry that will let you skip forward or backwards and a “Show Challenges” button that will let you see all the challenges and jump to whichever one you want. If you skip a challenge, you can come back to it later, so play the ones you want in whatever order you want!

 We are working on a calendar of events that will show up in the game so you can look ahead and see which types of events are coming and even set up notifications to be reminded when certain events start!



Everyone is placed in groups of 100 players and you are ranked against the other players in your group. Groups are formed as you join the event. When you join and play your first challenge, you will be grouped with other players who started around the same time you did. There is also a global leaderboard but currently we only show the top 100 in the world. We are working on an update where we will show “all” players on the global leaderboard.

There is currently not an individual global ranking system. This is coming in a future update. In the meantime, you can see your global ranking by going to the Event Results screen, clicking the “Top 100” tab of the leaderboard, then closing the leaderboard and looking at your position on the bottom of the screen.

There is no advantage for playing challenges earlier during an event! Only the time you spend playing challenges counts against your time. If you quit the application, the time when you are not playing will not count – so you can play some event challenges, come back later, and play some more and only your time spent playing will count. Feel free to take breaks!

“Time spent playing challenges” all add up to your total time. This counts your retries and undos. If you spent 5 minutes and did not complete a challenge, backed out, went to bed, and spent another 4 minutes on it the next day before the event ended – that will count 9 minutes total you’ve spent playing that challenge.


Start Time:

Events will begin at a different time for everyone based on where they are geographically in the world, but remember – when you start the event does not matter. Most Events last 24 hours, and there is no advantage for starting or finishing early, or going all the way without taking a break. The key to ranking high in Events is to complete as many challenges as possible and to maximize the time you spend playing.


The Clock:

There is currently a bug where if you close the window using the “X” button or ALT+F4 during or at the end of an event challenge, you may incur extra time, so make sure you always go back to the event screen or main menu screen before closing the app!

Lots of players have asked about us adding a “stop the clock” button. Unfortunately a “stop the clock” button would defeat the purpose of the competition. If you are not going for a high ranking, time does not matter – you take as much time as you need to complete the challenges and collect the bracelet awards based on your score. You can also quit the game and come back later which will not count toward your time spent. Only the time you spent playing the Event challenges counts toward your time spent.



9. You do not need to complete all of the challenges to get a score. You will collect awards based on how far you get, and you are ranked within your group of 100 players based on your score (and then time spent if the score is tied). Most people who get #1 in their group complete all the challenges with a reasonably speedy time.



If two players have the exact same score, the player with the faster time will be ahead on the leaderboard rankings.

How to Add Friends in Events:

  1. Find someone you’d like to add as a friend (on the leaderboard, for example).
  2. Click their name to go to their Solitaire Event Profile.
  3. On the bottom left under their avatar or pic should be a button that says “Add Friend” – click this which will open the Xbox App.
  4. From here you can add the user as a friend. (For further steps, see Xbox app instructions below!)

Adding Friends from the Xbox app:

  1. Sign in to the Xbox app.
  2. Under the Friends section on the Home screen, type the gamertag in the Find people or clubs box and press Enter. Be sure to pay close attention to the gamertag’s spelling and spacing.
  3. Select Add friend to add the person’s gamertag to your friends list.
  4. Select Friend or Favorite to choose what kind of information you share with that person. You can also select Share my real name to help your friend recognize you.
  5. Select OK.

Note Your friends will see you as a follower and will be able to see the info you share with friends, based on your privacy settings.