For the Love of Java

We’ve all been there. It’s a brisk autumn morning, time to get moving and tackle your responsibilities for the day… But first, coffee!

That was the inspiration behind our latest Microsoft Jigsaw collection featuring 10 images of mugs, beans, designs, presses, and cuppings that will bring a warm and cozy feeling to your morning or afternoon. Just try not to drool on your keyboard while looking at the photos below.

Coffee is more than a beverage. Coffee is art, coffee is passion, and for some. Coffee is life.

Coffee art is a reflection of the dedication to the brew, and passion for the beauty. Just look at the amazing and breathtaking classic “Latte Leaf”

Good things come to those who wait. Coffee is no exception to this rule.

It all starts with the bean, and your morning starts with the beans ending. It’s the circle of morning in action.

Coffee and desert. No better combo in the world if you ask us.

So grab your favorite cup of joe and play our latest collection, have fun, and enjoy yourself. But first, coffee!

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